Stripchat King

If you’ve been on Stripchat then you’ve probably come across a username with a prominent golden crown icon befitting a king. Such a user is called the Stripchat King and is a title that is earned rather than given. In this article, we give you practical tips on how to level up on Stripchat to get crowned Stripchat King.

stripchat king explained
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As you’ll soon discover, Stripchat King is a coveted title that comes with prestige and certain perks only available to kings. The Stripchat King is always defending their title given there’s always another tipper looking to dethrone the king. If they can match and surpass the current King’s tips, they automatically get crowned the Room’s King until another user finally dethrones them, and the cycle continues.

So how exactly do you become a Stripchat King? Is there a specific amount of tip that gets you crowned? And how long does your reign last? Well, these and several other questions will be answered by the end of this guide. But first;

What Are the Stripchat Kings?

Stripchat Kings are users who gave the biggest tips to performers within the last 12 hours of live streaming. As aforementioned, The Stripchat King’s position is earned, and the secret to getting crowned is pretty straightforward; out-tip every user in the room for 12 hours. Tips are automatically tallied on the live chat section and you can tell when you’re closing in on the reigning king and how much you need to become king.

stripchat king 1

Also, there’s a king for each room, which means you can also reign in multiple rooms at the same time. Stripchat Kings are the top dogs in each room and are hardly ignored by performers. In public shows, kings can decide how the show should go and the rest of you will be forced to enjoy what the king likes. It is perhaps the biggest honor the highest tipper can get, of course, besides getting his wishes executed before everyone else. If you’ve always wanted to have influence in public chat rooms on Stripchat then it’s as easy as becoming the biggest spender in the room. It quickly earns you the King status, it doesn’t matter that you just joined the session.

How to Become a Stripchat King?

You know how you can stream live shows on Stripchat without necessarily creating a free account? Well, unfortunately, you cannot become the Stripchat King without the free account. Stripchat Kings are at the bare minimum green users who have tokens to spend. The route to becoming King is simple – tip bigger than anyone else in the room and the model will have no choice but to crown you king and execute your commands during your tenure.

A green membership gets you a step closer to getting crowned, the rest depends on how much you can tip. In some rooms, the model sets a threshold of the maximum amount of tokens users should tip to be crowned. Once you hit this target before anyone else, you automatically become king by right. It doesn’t stop there unless the model isn’t receiving more tips after you’ve been crowned, which isn’t typical. After you’ve been crowned, the toughest part begins – defending your crown, because losing it is as simple as letting another user tip bigger. Your username will be displayed below the live video for as long as you’re king. As Stripchat warns, the crown is never permanent and may change ‘heads’ multiple times during a single live stream.

stripchat king 2

How Does Stripchat Kings Work

Stripchat Kings are the ultimate bosses of a chat room for as long as they reign. Don’t be alarmed when you make several unheard requests, but when they make one the model drops everything to attend to their desires. It’s pretty much the principle of ‘he who pays the piper calls the tune.’ Stripchat Kings literally pay the performers more than any other member in the room, and it’s only fair that they’re allowed to call the tune.

In some chat rooms, the models explicitly remind other users that the Stripchat King ‘has the right of way.’ Meaning they can direct the course of the session whichever way they please. Among other privileges the Stripchat King wields include the right to watch any public show in the room for free, they also get to become friends with the models through an invite. These loaded pervs can indulge in tantalizing virtual reality shows, request the models for private shows, spy on other private shows, and access cam2cam live shows, among others.

Alternatives to Being a Stripchat King

There can only be one Stripchat King at a time in a single chat room. So what else should one strive for when they cannot dethrone the reigning king? Well, we can all agree that the Stripchat King is the ultimate price in the chat room. However, other tippers can be crowned other titles including;

  • Top Tippers daily
  • Current Month Top Tippers
  • Last Month Top Tippers

Notice that you can fail to clinch the King’s crown but as consolation, you get this special shout-out as one of the above-mentioned people. The model can choose to display these rankings for other members who would love the flex of being named a top tipper. You may also become a Knight in the room, but this is a position you grow into rather than tip your way there, although tipping won’t hurt your chances of becoming one. Knights are tasked with enforcing the rooms’ guidelines including muting chaotic and unruly members.


With the King’s crown up for grabs, Stripchat found a fun way to get their models remunerated and the active tipping members having fun while at it. Kings flex their crowns and the models end the sessions with deeper pockets than when they started. There’s only one way to become the Stripchat King – tip bigger than everyone else and defend your position lest you get dethroned. And with all the perks available to the crown it’s always a delight being King.