DMCA Takedown Requests

Thank you for visiting Top 10 Cam Sites. Below are the instructions to assist submission of a Take Down Request. This is where yourself, as an individual or company, believe that the copyrights of your original material are being infringed and copyright related claims only.

We assess all applications within 48 hours and respond accordingly.

    URL of infringement

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    Your Information

    Copyright Ownership

    I declare that I am submitting the Take Down Request because:

    I am the owner of the copyrighted work.I represent the company/organization who owns the copyrighted work.I am an agent acting on behalf of the copyright holder and have been authorized to submit the take down request.

    Identification and Verification

    To ensure we can verify your case we need to confirm your identity.

    We request that you write your model/account names and corresponding website/social URL on a DATED (the date you submit your takedown request) piece of paper and take a photo of yourself holding this and upload below.

    This way we can confirm that all the information in the case is correct and we can assist you in your take down case.

    Declarations and Signature

    I declare: