Imlive Credits Value 

Imlive credits value are surprisingly cheap for the services you can access using them. Imlive provides visitors and members with countless live cam shows and instant messaging. As a result, it makes the platform one of the best live chat services for speaking to thousands of webcam models worldwide.

imlive credits value
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By offering a wide variety of performance types and being accessible on a range of devices, it’s no surprise that Imlive has already captured many online viewers’ attention. And the Imlive credits go a long way on this platform with its affordable live cam entertainment. The platform provides over 80,000 registered hosts and exclusive adult star shows.

In this article, you can discover how much Imlive credits value is worth on the platform and how you can use them to interact with performers.

Imlive Credits Value

Imlive’s performers get paid with the online currency called credits, which you can purchase with just a few clicks of a button. The Imlive credits value on the platform lets members pay for services such as private chat, candy shows, and virtual gifts. 

The pricing structure is relatively unique – rather than the most extensive package having the best credit rates, it appears that the medium packages come with the best value. The recommended deal on this site falls with using the PumaPay payment method.

But the good thing is that you don’t need to fork out your credit card information to discover what you’re getting. So, we’ll break down what these credits are all about below.

How Much Are Imlive Credits?  

You can buy Imlive credits with different payment methods and in various amounts. For example, you can choose a bulk credit package of 25, 50, or 100 credits for $29.95, $58.95, or $114.95 via credit card. When purchasing your credits, an overlay will pop up and ask you to enter your credit card details. At the top of this overlay, you’ll notice a small link that states’ change payment method’. You can click this link to modify your payment processor from CCBill to Epoch. Following this, you’ll spot an option to pay with PayPal instead of with a credit card.

imlive credits value creditcard

The value of Imlive credits changes when choosing a different payment method. For instance, when you switch from a credit card to PayPal, you will notice a slight price increase. PayPal remains a popular way to pay for credits on Imlive because it is easy to use and secure. 

imlive credits value paypal

Despite this, you may want to use PumaPay on this site since it is quite a bit simpler. When you click the link to purchase credits, you’ll see another link on the lower right of the screen that states’ PumaPay – Get 15% bonus!’. If you click this link, your payment option will transfer to PumaPay, allowing you to spend a little less than you would have otherwise. For example, 29 credits cost $25 with PumaPay, 60 credits cost $60, and 115 credits cost $115.

imlive credits value pumapay

How Much Is One Imlive Credit?

As explained above, one credit costs around $1 when you decide to use PayPal or your credit card. However, you can expect a discounted rate when you purchase a higher quantity or use PumaPay. The best value you can find on Imlive is using PumaPay to buy 60 credits for $50. It equates to just $0.83 per credit, making it the best value for money option.

While you don’t get a massive discount for buying into the larger bulk packages, the great thing about Imlive’s pricing is that it is obvious. Therefore, you don’t need a calculator to determine how much you will need to fork out for your steamy session.

If you need to check how many credits you have in your account, head to the member’s page. And here, you will find your credit balance and any treats you have earned. The treats are bonuses you make when you buy credits on the platform. When you have ten treats, the value equals one Imlive credit.

What Can I Do With Credits? 

There are so many possibilities on Imlive once you get a few credits in your virtual wallet. Even buying credits once gives you bronze statues for life on this platform. Bronze members are rewarded with appealing privileges, starting with the ability to message during free shows. However, other free extras are up for grabs, too, such as the ability to look at all the host’s full galleries and watch free videos.

imlive credits value for users

The most straightforward way to spend your Imlive credits is to tip the model you have been watching in public shows. You can also take a performer into a private chat, pay to make personal requests, enjoy voice chats, or even connect via a two-way video. So, by spending your credits this way, you can get an incredibly unique and intimate experience.

Imlive also offers filtering, which users can refine by the amount a host charges per minute in credits for a private chat. There are many great deals because models decide the price they charge for their shows on the platform. By filtering, you can always find a bargain, with most hosts’ time costs being between 0.98 and 1.98 credits per minute. 

The Final Verdict   

All in all, we believe that Imlive credits value is a bargain for customers on the website. The rewards for purchasing credits get offered to both new and existing members. And using PumaPay you can get a great deal and save your precious cash. New members can claim a one-time bonus, giving you extra amounts in your account balance.

Even just purchasing a single package lets the platform permanently show you fantastic benefits. It means that it’s certainly worth buying some Imlive credits at least once in your life. The reward program for your purchases will continue to move you up the ranks from Bronze to gold level. Then you’ll receive even more benefits, discounts, and value for your webcam experiences.

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