How To Get Free Credits On Imlive

Do you know how to get free credits on Imlive? If you don’t, you are reading the right article! You may be familiar with Imlive as one of the most famous webcam platforms in the world, especially as it offers incredibly affordable prices and an impressive selection of models. With handy search and categorization features, it’s straightforward for users to discover what they want to see, creating a genuinely satisfying and efficient experience.

how to get free credits on imlive
Get Free Credits

So, read on if you are intrigued by accessing Imlive free credits and start enjoying intimate experiences today.

How to get free credits on Imlive

You may have heard that Imlive is currently dishing out free credits with no strings attached! The webcam site announced its offering of $50 in credits to the first one million individuals who register to the platform and validate a credit card. 

$50 equates to 50 credits on Imlive, based on a 1:1 exchange ratio. So, if you love webcam performers, you might as well give a few minutes of your time to this process – it’s free, after all! You can use credits to tip the models you like or pay for additional sexy add-ons.

1. Bonus Credits

Bonus Credits are attractive offers given out at different times, in different amounts. The bonuses are great for users to pay for features on the site, such as vibe shows and private chats. If you reach the required amount to receive a bonus, you will be alerted at the end of the chat.

imlive free credits

2. Rewards Program

The Imlive Rewards Program is a way for the platform to show its appreciation for your dedication. Each time you purchase Imlive, you get awarded a free bonus. The bonus will automatically go into your account. For example, depending on which package you first buy, you can access up to 40 free credits.

If you buy:

  • 25 credits, you get 10 free credits
  • 50 credits, you get 20 free credits
  • 75 credits, you get 30 free credits
  • 100 credits, you get 40 free credits

Moreover, every time you participate in an activity on Imlive, you earn Points, which can help you improve your status. The various levels include Bronze, Silver, Gold, and VIP – the better your status, the better your perks will be!

imlive real credit bonus
3. Extra Credits

Extra Credits on this site are offered in a special offer or during a campaign. And can be utilized as payment towards any service on Imlive, acting just like bought credits.

Both your purchased credits and Extra Credits make the service excellent value for money. For instance, if you bought 50 of these credits in a campaign and got rewarded with 50 Extra Credits, your purchased credits would be used as payment before the Extra Credits.

4. Discount Codes & Clubs

You can discover three different types of discounts that models offer guests to encourage them to visit their chatrooms. And these include Discount Codes, Discount Club, and discounts on 30-minute to 60-minute sessions.

The Power Guide has all the relevant information you may need on these discounts, but for a brief overview, you can join a Discount Club for 16 credits per month or 30 credits per 2 months. Aside from rewards like a 20% discount on past live shows and being able to view all the particular model’s videos for free, your private chat charge will also be decreased by 0.6 to 0.9 credits per minute, depending on your Loyalty Program status. Please note that only some models offer a Discount Club on this site.

free imlive credits

Imlive is an excellent chat site that aims to fulfill every user’s want and need. Getting to experience some of it for free is a luxury you should certainly not ignore – especially as you only have to enter your username, password, and an adequate email address. Following this, you can enter a legitimate credit card and access your free credits! No strings are attached to this process, and you don’t need to spend a penny. It’s that simple!

Due to its policy, Imlive cannot do anything with your inputted information without getting your consent first. So, what could be better? It’s time to give this platform a go today and access those free Imlive credits while you still can.