Streamate Prices 

Streamate prices for gold and the paid services make it one of the most popular adult streaming websites. Thousands of users regularly log in to be entertained by hundreds of amateur performers. And you have all types along with trending specialties. The website is available globally, so anyone can log in and enjoy the stunning models, regardless of location.

streamate prices
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What separates Streamate from similar websites are attractive models, HD live shows, and unique categories. Users can interact with performers in a free, private, and exclusive chat. There are hundreds of webcams to browse, and each reveals many different models that will respond to you in real-time.

Because of its popularity, cam show enthusiasts are interested in understanding the website costs. But you can sign up on the platform for free and start communicating with performers using a username. This guide will explain the Streamate prices for services you can purchase.

Streamate Prices

The Streamate pricing model is different from other adult websites. Most webcam platforms require users to purchase token or credit packages upfront. However, on this platform, users are free to chat and then pay as they go using the online currency called gold. Users purchase gold to access certain things or tip models to perform requests. 

A basic membership on Streamate is free to use with no monthly fees. In the free chat sessions, you can send messages to performers without being charged. It allows you to watch live cam shows in real-time without interruption. Besides the fact you can use the website for nothing, models use the free chat as an opportunity to tempt you into a premium chat session. You will get prompted on the price per minute in your local currency before it begins.

The prices on Streamate depend on the service you want to use and the model. But the system runs on the gold currency that enables most features. Nevertheless, it is an affordable commodity that lets you securely trade them for services from performers. A great feature is when you give gold, you can activate the model live vibe that interacts with a connected toy. 

The best way to understand how much Streamate gold costs are 1 = $1. It means that one gold is equivalent to one dollar on the platform.

streamate gold price


Streamate gold is the online currency used to charge for services and features. A reminder is one gold is equal to one US dollar. And you can send gold to performers to show appreciation for the live entertainment. The gold menu is available in most live chat rooms that models customize with different options. 

Aside from being a currency to send to performers, GOLD can also get used to attending shows on the website. GOLD shows are exclusive shows that only multiple users can chip in and watch. A performer sets the type, length, the content shown, and a specific GOLD amount the show is worth. Then if a member is interested, they will pledge GOLD towards the show during the countdown. 

The show will only start once the pledged amounts hit. Once the show begins, contributing members will automatically join it. If, in any case, the performer cancels the show before it starts, you will not get billed the GOLD you pledged. 

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Paid Services

When you attend shows, there are many options for paid services through which you can interact with models. One of those options is to give gold to performers. As mentioned above, GOLD is the on-site currency that can be used to tip models and show them how you feel about their performance. Aside from setting whichever amount of GOLD you want to give to the performer, you can also use the GOLD Menu. It has several actions you can purchase to have the performer do, each starting from 5 GOLD and upwards. 

Spin The Wheel is an exciting feature that gets the performer to do a random act on which the wheel will land. And it happens purely by chance, so the model can perform anything from a small tease or showing nudity. Spinning the wheel on Streamate costs 8 GOLD. 

Through Cam2Cam, you can share your video with your performer during a private session. This option allows you to interact directly and privately with a performer. However, the person can choose whether or not they will accept the Cam2Cam request. 

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Streamate Shows 

Public Shows

The most basic membership levels allow users to view free, public shows. Models will pose in lingerie and respond to the live conversations. However, users in free chat can still send messages, give gold, or order something from the menu.

Private Chat

The private chat on Streamate offers a fully customizable cam show. As a result, it is one of the best ways to enjoy a performer. When entering a private session, you can chat with the model and direct their actions to whatever you want. However, other members can join in and watch the same show. Streamate private chat costs depend on the model you pick and the rate per minute. 

Streamate prices for private chat can average around $0.99 and $2.19 per minute. While entering this type of premium show, you will still have access to the interactive features.

Exclusive Chat

If you want an intimate conversation with a webcam model, you can take them into an exclusive chat. As its name suggests, exclusive chats give you one-on-one time alone with the performer without sharing them with anyone else. Streamate exclusive chat prices are higher than private chat because you have the model to yourself.

The Streamate exclusive chat cost for some models is $4.99 per minute. Although the price might seem high initially, you will have a personalized show without anyone else seeing it. 

Furthermore, Streamate does offer discounted block sessions that give a further discount. But a model will need to enable this function.


Currently, the payment methods on Streamate are VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. You can also pay through PayPal, but this will incur additional fees. 

You will need to add a card or payment method to use the website’s features, such as gold or premium chat functions. All prices for services get indicated before interacting with the performers. Under my account section, you can see your purchase history, which lists the most recent transactions within the past 60 days. 

In addition, new members have a daily spending limit set when they join the website. To remove or increase this limit, users need to reach out to Streamate’s support team. 

streamate payment options

The support on Streamate is excellent for answering any questions relating to your account or billing. It provides many ways to contact the available team 24 hours a day. However, if you need immediate assistance, you can use the live chat support that puts you in contact with an operator from the customer service department.

Contacting the team includes WhatsApp, email, and phone support. If you have any problems, explain along with your account details. The Streamate website also has an FAQ section, which answers all the most commonly asked questions. For instance, you can find information on different features without speaking with someone in the team.

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In conclusion, Streamate prices are greatly valued compared to other live cam websites. There are hundreds of performers available in live chat rooms that will respond to your requests. Models on the platform must meet criteria including stream quality to ensure customers get the best overall experience. As a result, it makes the service excellent value for money as everything you see and pay for is in high definition.

Streamate prices and options are limitless. Customers can talk live with performers while customizing the show. The platform is one of the largest adult chat sites on the web, with numerous activities for members to discover. And it’s up to you to choose what you like and fully immerse yourself in a live cam experience.