What is Gold Show Streamate?

You may have heard of Streamate, but what is a Streamate Gold Show? Streamate is renowned for attracting online users worldwide as a top-quality sex streaming site, hosting many exotic models and unique niches. With such a variety of options available at incredible convenience, it is hard for any user to get bored here.

what is gold show streamate
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One of the unique features on offer is a Streamate Gold Show. Read on to discover more about this exciting experience!

What is a Streamate Gold Show?

A Streamate Gold Show is a unique group of shows that various members put their money towards to view and enjoy. A model will establish a length, goal, and pledge price for each Gold Show, which users can then commit their Gold towards within the lead-up to the show. 

If you’ve put your cash towards it, you will be able to join the beginning of the show. However, if the model cancels the show when it is rolling or even before it starts, you won’t get charged for the Gold you’ve spent.

How Gold Shows on Streamate work

When in Party Chat Mode, the Gold Show Interface button can be tapped at the top of the streaming page. This is located beside the tabs. You will be led to the Gold Show interface by tapping this button, where models must clarify some information about the show. 

gold show streamate

It includes establishing what they’ll do, the total amount of money they want for the show, the minimum buy-in, the length of the show, and the number of minutes to the goal. The description of what the model will do appears at the top of a member’s chat and often persuades them to invest in that particular Gold Show. 

Once the model has clicked ‘Start Request,’ the amount of money they requested should appear within the Goldometer alongside the Gold Countdown timer.

Before the Gold Show starts, the Goldometer will display the total Gold raised so far. During the preshow, you’ll notice that the ‘go private’ button will be swapped with the ‘reverse a spot for my show’ control. Performers can observe how their show topic, GOLD requested, and goal countdown will be shown to members on the site. If the goal is reached, the Gold Show will go ahead, and users can enjoy a unique and memorable performance by the model in question.


So, there you have it. Hopefully, you now know more about Streamate Gold Shows and whether you want to explore them more in the future.

The truth remains that Streamate is a high-quality streaming platform that takes pride in offering its users a range of special features, including the offering described above. So, now you have been made aware of how a Streamate Gold Show works and how the model sets one up, are you going to invest in one?

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