How To Become A Male Cam Model

Cam modeling, is the trendy new development in the adult industry courtesy of high-speed broadband connection, easily accessible high-resolution webcams, and an audience craving real-time interactive raunchy action. Well, we shouldn’t call it new per se, considering the tech has been around for over two decades now only that it’s gained popularity a lot more recently. Thanks to cam modeling, consumers of adult content can now interact with their favorite performers, order personalized acts, and for the first time in porn history, get audience-oriented performances, among several other perks.
how to become a male cam model
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Over the years, male and female models have gained vast popularity in the camming subsector of the adult industry, with female cam models obviously being more prevalent. Other categories of performers available on camming platforms for your indulgence include trannies, couples, gay, lesbian, mature, MILFs, and old, among others. Several years back, prospective models would need connections to a porn production studio, perhaps finds an agent that was willing to bet on them, and finally impress porn directors just to step foot at a porn set. 

Thanks to the aforementioned technological advancement, becoming a cam model has never been easier. Interested in becoming a male cam model? Well, this is just the perfect read for you. 

Become A Male Cam Model

Male cam models are almost as popular as their female counterparts in nearly all camming platforms, well except on strictly lesbian sites obviously. This article will help you join male cams and start making money without much experience.

become a male cam model

First off, as a male model, most of the time you don’t get to choose the audience you attract considering solo performances attract both gay and heterosexual audiences. However, how you respond to their requests determines those you keep. 

It’s not really complicated becoming a male cam model as long as you’re comfortable getting naughty on camera. The beauty about it is you’re always in control and can decide not to execute some of the requests you’re not particularly comfortable with.

For instance, you can jerk off on request but can choose not to shove a dildo up your ass if it’s not something you’ve done before or you’re not just not comfortable doing it. While the range of sexually explicit acts you can perform directly determines the kind of following you’ll attract, some models compensate for this by being friendly and seductive, it works all the time. To become a male cam model, you’ll first need to know the sites you can thrive on. 

What Sites Are Good For Male Cam Models?

Fact: There’re thousands of active cam sites on the web. However, not all sites that accept male performers will help you kickstart a successful camming career. Some, as you’ll soon discover are a colossal waste of time in many ways. Among the things you should be on the lookout for is the amount of organic traffic they attract. It doesn’t matter how thrilling your performances are, if no one is there to watch you’re probably wasting your good efforts. What’s their payment percentage and how often do they make payouts? And finally, confirm if their site is user-friendly. If they check all the right boxes then you’re probably in for a good start. We’ve listed below some of the great sites out there that’ll nurture you into the camboy you’ve always desired. 


Stripchat male model account

Stripchat is easily a top-five adult cam site with approximately 400 million monthly visitors. It’s a reliable platform that has been in the market for nearly a decade now and has managed to keep an upward Google trend since going live in 2016. Stripchat pays its models between 50% and 59% of the total earnings they bring in, which is not bad considering their competition pays a flat 50% regardless of how much you earn. And with the kind of traffic they hook you up with, this is the perfect platform to sign up to, especially as a beginner with little advertisement power to go with.


Camsoda male model account

With over 1 million daily visitors, Camsoda is another great platform to begin your camming career. You can sign up for free and access their mammoth daily traffic thus lifting the advertising budget. Camsoda models take home up to 55% of the total revenue made from their shows which can translate to big money in the long run if you put in the work. If you’re in the U.S. the site allows you to block some states or entire countries if you have people over there you wouldn’t want on your shows.


Streamate male model account

Streamate boasts over 500 million monthly visitors and is arguably one of the biggest live camming platforms on the web. The site is great for beginners since it takes all the advertisement burden from models, and sends their way enormous potentially paying traffic. You get to keep a percentage of your earnings and create a massive following based on the kind of performance you’re willing to throw. The site is secure and easy to navigate for both visitors and yourself. 

Tips On How To Become A Successful Male Cam Model

Consistent schedule

Especially if you’re new to the industry, consistency will set you apart from the next struggling male cam models. Be live on the platform for as much time as possible and soon people would notice, some would bookmark your profile and before you notice you’ll have a loyal following, which means more earnings.

Themed shows

One of the things that will keep you at the edge from other camboys is throwing themed shows occasionally. This involves styling your camming room into diverse themes for different shows and seasons to capture the varying interests of your prospective viewers. Common themes include; a police station theme, library, classroom, valentines theme, Halloween, BDSM, et al.

Collaborate with other models

Another quick way to earn more subscribers and viewers is by collaborating with other models, especially those that are already established. This will enable you to tap into their fanbase which essentially means more viewers in the long run.


While there’s no exact science to becoming a successful male cam model, following the above-mentioned tips will sure increase your chances of success. Find that one thing that separates you from the herd and be good at it. Camming is a service business and just like in traditional businesses, great customer service is king. Never over-rely on the platform’s advertisement, and always remember to push your work as well, and before you know it, it won’t be a problem making crazy money daily.

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