What Is LiveJasmin SmartBuy?

In this article we are going to explain what smartbuy is on Livejasmin and how you can benefit from on it. LiveJasmin is one of the premier destinations online for adult chat. It provides some of the most glamorous performers and is an award wining cam site as featured in AVN.

what is livejasmin smartbuy
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Smartbuy on LiveJasmin is an excellent feature that is designed to save users time online. It means you never have to worry about your private sessions ending due to lack of funds. What smartbuy does is allow the service to automatically top up when your balance is less than 7 credits.

Livejasmin has built in the latest technology to ensure users get the best experience online. When the smartbuy function is active it will automatically re buy credits. The default setting will purchase credits of 27.99 but you can adjust this to meet your needs.

To activate the smartbuy function you need to navigate to the account settings. Here it will allow you to personalize and customize your unique user account. Within the settings the smartbuy function is clearly indicated. Once setup it will immediately become active and ready to use.

If however you want to deactivate smartbuy on LiveJasmin you need to relocate to the settings option. By simply turning it off it will no longer be active. It will mean you have to manage your credit purchases manually.

Benefits of smartbuy on LiveJasmin

If you are looking to fully optimize your webcam experience we recommend setting up smartbuy. The reason being is that it ensures your private shows end when you decide. By having this automatic credit purchase system it means you don’t have to dip out of a show you might already be entered in. It also means you and the model can continue your conversation and entertainment infinitely.

LiveJasmin provides an array of some of the most attractive performers online. You will be surprised at the high level of models and how accessible they can be. Having smartbuy active will guarantee you can continue your fun with no interference. You can build intimate connection without the worry of your funds running low.

What is great about LiveJasmin is that you can filter by price. Most performers are relatively low cost for this level of entertainment. Private shows can start from as little as a dollar a minute. Due the popularity of the service it attracts industry-leading stars. You will find performers on this site that resemble movie star looks with incredible bodies and personalities too.

How much are credits for smartbuy on LiveJasmin

If you are going to setup up smartbuy it is important you understand the costs of the service. Purchasing credits on LiveJasmin is a simple transaction. Credits on LiveJasmin are great value and provide endless possibilities. But if you want to save more money on your purchases we recommend buying more credits. In the long run it works out much better value.

A reason you should use LiveJasmin is that it offers industry-leading promotions. These promotions are ongoing and tend to be updated on a weekly basis. Discounts include up to 50% off purchases for every new user. Here you can also find selected shows that start from 0.01 credits in this section.

Below you can see the current prices for tokens on LiveJasmin.

smartbuy livejasmin settings

How do purchases appear on my statement?   

Livejasmin being one of the most safest webcam sites prides itself on privacy. When making any kind of purchase on the service you can ensure banking credentials are kept safe. The site uses some of the leading security systems to ensure end-to-end encryption of banking information.

Purchases on LiveJasmin will appear on bank statements as dditservices.com. This is the holding company called Duocad ITS that operates the website. What is great is that this discreet name will ensure your online activities stay a secret. The company prides itself on giving customers privacy and anonymity online.

When making purchases for credits your bank will not be informed the site you visited. Instead your bank will be given details for Duocad ITS, the holding company for LiveJasmin. The holding company also operates a range of services such as hosting and payment gateways. It means your preferences online stay anonymous.

Our experts have ensured when making purchases on LiveJasmin no branding appears on statements. Instead you will just see dditservices.com and the amount that you paid for. This takes away any worry or anxiety users might feel when buying credits. By using a professional cam site like LiveJasmin will ensure complete discretion.

When smartbuy is active the automated process will use the Duocad ITS merchant system. Every time your credits run below 7 credits the system will automatically charge you.

As most users are aware making purchases for credits is quick and simple. Buying credits can be done within a few seconds without any delay. Payments are normally deducted immediately or within a few minutes. Your transaction will normally appear on your statement within 48 hours. This depends obviously on your banking provider and funds in your account.

Due to the fact LiveJasmin has been established since 2001 you are in safe hands when it comes to adult entertainment. The brand gets excellent reviews and recently just won live cam site of the year at the AW Awards.


If you’re looking for a webcam site that will exceed your expectations then this website is for you. Hopefully we have fully explained exactly what is smartbuy on LiveJasmin. Any user that has adopted this to their user settings will tell you how their private cam sessions were improved. But the best approach is to try it out and see how you get on. If you find the feature isn’t for you then you can simply turn it off. But if you want your private sessions to be fully optimized it’s a must have in our opinion. With token rebills starting so low you will hardly notice the deductions. As mentioned previously technology is designed to make things simpler and in LiveJasmin smartbuy case they certain have achieved it.

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