How to Get Free Tokens on

If you’re looking for info on free tokens for, this article is going to give you a breakdown of where to find free tokens and how to snap them up. We can’t blame you. With over 750,000 members and available in 14 languages, this site caters to a wide audience.

But enough about that. You’re here to learn how to get free tokens for So, let’s get right into it.

how to get free tokens on cherry tv

What are tokens for?

Cherry TV offers a 30-day subscription fee that allows you access to the site. As such, people are often perplexed as to why they might need tokens on top of that. Simply put, the subscription is your access fee and the tokens allow you to interact with cam models on another level. While the subscription comes in at around ($17.99) per month, these are the token packages you can expect to encounter:

Tokens Rate
100 $9.99
210 $19.99
320 $29.99
550 $49.99
900 $79.99
1,150 $99.99

Still confused as to what the tokens are for? Long story short, your subscription fee allows you to browse the site, enter chat rooms, and interact with cam models to a certain degree. However, the tokens allow you to offer tips and gifts to your favourite cam models. You can also use them to access a few features that other members can’t, such as going private or entering a spy show.

Ultimately, tokens are like Cherry TV’s currency, giving you more options, features, and, thus, more variety. If you ask us, that makes perfect sense as a payment model on an adult entertainment site.

How to Get Free Tokens

Finding free tokens for Cherry TV does not need to feel like a pirate’s pursuit as you scour the internet in search of coupon codes on random sites that promise to provide you with tokens, only to steal your data. Don’t do that to yourself. All of the free tokens you’ll ever need can be found on Cherry TV’s official website via deals and memberships.


Once you’ve signed up and paid your first month’s subscription fee, you can navigate to your profile to buy tokens. Select your payment method and move on to Step 2 – “Select Item to Purchase”. You can then opt for daily, weekly, or monthly packages. Have a look at the packages below:

how to get free tokens on cherry tv deals

Now, let’s break down the cost per token under each package.

Package No. of Tokens Cost Cost Per Token Savings
Daily 100 $8.99 $0.09 10% off
Weekly 575 $39.99 $0.07 20% off
Monthly 1150 $69.99 $0.06 30% off
Ultimately, the larger the package, the more you save, with the monthly package offering a whopping 30% off the cost per token. But this isn’t the only way to net yourself some free tokens on Cherry TV. Read on to find out more.

Cherry TV has its standard paid subscription and then it has Club Cherry. Club Cherry is a VIP experience for anyone wanting to have a more exclusive experience that caters to their needs. You’ll be able to interact with models to such a degree that they might even ask you to moderate some of their chat rooms!

This is the only way that you would be able to message models privately. You’ll also receive seasonal gifts and bonuses, plus a great sign-up incentive. For first-timers in the Club Cherry world, you’ll instantly receive 200 free tokens as well as 1600 experience points (XP) completely free. The more XP you have, the higher your rank and the greater your rewards.

cherry tv free tokens

The Club Cherry membership offers all of these premium features plus an additional 10% XP boost for you and the cam model of your choosing every single time you offer her a gift. Not to be cheesy, but this is clearly a gift that keeps on giving!

If you have any issues with your payment or would like to purchase tokens via wire transfer, you can reach out to Cherry TV support via email at [email protected].


Cherry TV prioritizes its customers and their respective user experiences. We wouldn’t be surprised if some of the aforementioned ways to get free tokens on Cherry TV changed over time or expanded. One thing is for sure, you’re going to want to get those free tokens rolling in because the cam model quality and variety on Cherry TV seem to only get better with each passing month.