Stripchat Level

If you’re here to learn what a Stripchat Level is and what they are all about, you’ve come to the right place! Stripchat is renowned for entertaining visitors worldwide with its seductive and revealing sex shows, with high-quality performers exploring countless different niches. Its level system is just one of the unique features which make this platform stand out from other sex streaming services. So, what’s it all about?

Today we’re going to discuss all the different types of leagues this steamy platform offers. Read on to discover more!

stripchat level system explained
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What Are the Stripchat Levels?

If you didn’t already know, Stripchat places every user into a league on the platform. What level you are in signals how much XP you have, and you’ll be awarded a coloured badge which displays your league and level to other users. There are one hundred levels in total which make up seven leagues.

How Do Stripchat Levels Work?

If you’re seeking tips on how to level up in Stripchat, you can do any of the following things to earn XP, otherwise known as Experience Points:

  • Verify your email
  • Make a token purchase
  • Watch Stripchat shows

Now let’s take a peek at the different leagues in more detail.

stripchat level 1

Grey League

With levels ranging from 1 to 9, Grey League is the first league users enter when they make a Stripchat account. Performers can disable chats from Grey League users. You will remain in this league until you make your first token payment. So, to level up from this league, you must verify your email address, start viewing the platform’s seductive shows, and spend some tokens.

Bronze League

With levels ranging from 10 to 19, Bronze League follows on from Grey League. Users can quickly become Bronze League members once they purchase tokens. However, you can become ex-Bronze if you run out of your tokens.

stripchat level 2

Silver League

Sporting a silver badge on their profile, Silver League users are in levels 20 to 34. Like Bronze League, you risk becoming ex-Silver if you run out of tokens.

Gold League

One step up from Silver League, Gold League levels comprise 35 to 54. In this level, you sport a gold badge and don’t have to worry about becoming ex-Gold if you run dry of tokens – ex-Gold doesn’t exist!

Diamond League

With levels running from 55 to 79, Diamond League users sport a purple badge. You don’t risk becoming ex-Diamond if you lose all their tokens. The exciting thing about Diamond League members is that they can hide their league and level details and even display a league different from their true league. They can choose to display Gold, Silver, or Bronze Leagues on their profile.

Royal League

Royal League comprises levels 80 to 99. Royal League members don’t risk being ex-Royal members if they run out of Stripchat tokens and sport a red badge. However, similar to Diamond League users, Royal members can conceal their actual level and league and showcase a league below their own (apart from Grey League). If this wasn’t enough, Royal League members get to bask in the benefits of the Ultimate membership free of charge.

Legend League

Legend League is made up of level 100 – the highest-ranked league possible. If you choose to display your league instead of hiding it with a different league badge, you will showcase a red badge with a star. Like Royal League users, Legend League members get access to the Ultimate membership for an unlimited time.

Stripchat Level System Explained

So, there you have it. Hopefully, you are now more educated on the different leagues and levels on Stripchat and what you must do to secure your place in each one. Every league is different in Stripchat, but the higher you climb, the more benefits you can gain!

We recommend trying Stripchat today and indulging in the steamy experiences it can provide you with. While you’ll start at the bottom of Grey League, you may soon enough find yourself basking in the glory of Legend League!