Stripchat VR Headsets

Stripchat has recently changed its list of supported VR headsets. Virtual reality changes the way users can interact with cam models. But the company has moved away from an independent, third-party VR host to internal tech. It allows for a smoother VR encounter but only works with some manufacturers. Let’s explore which VR headsets are compatible with Stripchat and which aren’t. 

stripchat vr headsets
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VR Headsets Compatible with Stripchat

VR Headsets that work with Stripchat have taken a bit of a hard knock since they announced their move away from Gizmovr. Currently, there are just 3 Stripchat VR headsets brands that you can use to view VR Cams. They are:

HTC Oculus Samsung
HTC Vive (HTC Original) Oculus Rift (Oculus Original) Samsung Gear VR (Samsung Gear Original)
Vive Pro Series Oculus Quest
Vive Focus Series Oculus Quest 2
Vive Cosmos Series

For the most part, these are the brands of headsets that VR enthusiasts have up on their shelves at home, so this shift shouldn’t be a problem. However, one of the perks of Gizmovr was using the Google Cardboard, which turns your smartphone into a low-cost headset. Therefore this cheaper option lets users try out the technology before spending more money. Now, you’ll have to decide whether or not this experience is something to invest in by purchasing one of the listed headsets. 

vr headsets for stripchat

VR Headsets Not Compatible with Stripchat

As mentioned, you can no longer use the Google Cardboard to view your models in Stripchat. However, it’s not that big of a hurdle for Stripchat. If anything, this shift toward in-house tech could prove even more beneficial for users. As a result, it improves the streaming quality and remedies any device issues in real-time.

Stripchat has also gone to great lengths to ensure that previous latency is not a problem. The 4K video feed quality allows viewers to view their models in high definition. Pairing these two advancements together means you’re about as close to being in the room with your host as possible by today’s tech standards. And if you are still unsure, you can browse through the list of supported VR headsets on Stripchat’s official page.

Alternatively, just read on to find out more!

What You Need to Watch Stripchat VR Cams

You’ll first need an account to use a VR Headset with Stripchat. Members with supported virtual reality devices can use them in any VR chat room. However, to get the whole experience, you should take a model into a private show for a one-on-one performance. Also, you have the benefit of the user-level system in place for collecting points for every token spent. Stripchat has a loyalty scheme that comes with great perks for its users. 

  • Grey league
  • Bronze league
  • Silver league
  • Gold league

Gold status is our favorite because it lets you sneak around the site and enter completely undetected chat rooms. You’ll see “VR Cams” under the “Specials” tab in the lefthand menu. Click on that and browse Stripchat for a model you can use in VR. All you need to do after that is click on the “Enter VR” button. Stripchat is undeniably one of the most accessible sites to navigate regarding VR camming. 

stripchat supported vr headsets

VR Headsets on Stripchat can take your experience to a whole new level. It’s real and immersive. Couple this with a few interactive toys, and it will feel like the person is in the room with you. Overall, Stripchat is going to great lengths to evolve as a business that provides quality customer service. Taking over the reins of their VR hosting and streaming is just one more step that they’re taking to increase their hold on quality control. Long story short, they are constantly working toward making your live chat experience memorable and valuable. So, if you’re wondering whether using a VR Headset for StripChat is worth it, we recommend it.