What is dditservices?

Have you noticed a payment on your statement for dditservices? Let us explain to you where the transaction has come from. The transaction would have been made on a website or service operated by Duodecad ITS. This company is actually owned by a technology company called Docler Holding. It is a company that is based in Luxembourg with over 1000 employees. The company owns and operates some of the largest websites and services on the Internet. It also has a website in the alexa rankings of the most viewed website of all time.

what Is dditservices
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Dditservices is an operator and developer of award wining video chat systems. It has its own payment gateway to allow for faster more secure transactions online. Instead of using third party services the company has built its own in house payment gateway. It means users benefit from no hidden fees and highly secure transactions. Duodecad operates several large websites that include one of the worlds most visited LiveJasmin.

Customer privacy has been made a priority by the company. The discreet billing ensures customers get complete confidentially online. When you see Duodecad ITS on your statement it means your online activity is undisclosed. The company has created a trustworthy gateway used by millions to make purchases online.

With the payment solution by dditservices it accepts international payments and currencies. The online payment processing is designed to provide a comprehensive billing solution. Most transactions on the service are one time purchases but in some cases recurring fees due to certain memberships.


A frequently asked question online is why I have this appearing on my statement. There is no need to be alarmed and if you have any questions you should submit a ticket to customer support here. Normally if you see this on your bank statement it means you have made a transaction on a website owned by Duodecad. The website could have been Oranum or LiveJasmin the transaction was made on. But this can all be confirmed by proving your transaction ID in your submitted ticket via the contact section.

The history behind the company comes from humble beginnings and was started pioneers in streaming media online. This was long before traditional media outlets that we take for granted today. The revolutionary technology means all streaming is performed in the highest definition.

Originally started in Luxembourg its company’s head office has remained there ever since. The company is transparent and reputable and is responsible for its users worldwide.

What payment processing does dditservices accept?

The company accepts most payment methods such as credit card, PayPal and even new solutions too. If you make a payment via their website you will be presented the option to use Visa, MasterCard and more. Normally funds are deducted immediately and you will get a confidential transaction ID. Payments are protected and secure to ensure users credentials remain guarded.

Customer Support

There are many ways to contact customer support of Duodecad ITS services. Firstly we recommend submitting a ticket with as much detail as possible. Normally you will get a response within a few hours. For more urgent enquiries they have a support phone line that agents can assist you in multiple languages.

Customer support can help you with many topics such as billing information, purchases and memberships. The service is very professional as you might expect and you can also ask about any current discounts available.