How To Get Free Tokens On Stripchat

Can I get free Stripchat tokens? Yes. The process is much more straightforward than you would expect. Some ways you can get free tokens on Stripchat take little to no time to claim. And here’s a website that brings these two pleasure pursuits together with excellent value and freebies!

how to get free tokens on stripchat
Get 50 Tokens Free

Free tokens on webcam platforms are nothing new to astute consumers. And most services do have sign-up bonuses and deals. However, few come close to the complimentary giveaways or discounts on Stripchat. Tokens get used to keep the action going and pay for services from performers.

If you want to get tokens for free, continue reading this guide on how to get free tokens on Stripchat. As a result, you will increase your account balance, which pays for services with models. In addition, there are plenty of ways to find bargains on packages or enter rewarding contests.

Here’s how you can get free tokens on Stripchat.

1. Giveaways

An easy way to get free Stripchat tokens is by entering the giveaway. And users with verified email accounts can enter for a chance to get 50 tokens. Additionally, you have multiple times to participate if you didn’t win the first time. The draw runs on an hourly basis so that you can reenter every time.

New to the world of Stripchat, then entering the giveaway is a fantastic way to get free tokens to use on the platform. And with 50 tokens up for grabs, that’s more than enough to use them towards a private show. 

To claim the giveaway, head to the main page or see a notification to participate in the chatbox. And the offer runs the entire day, with each draw having ten lucky winners. But you must claim your prize within 10 minutes if you win. 

stripchat free tokens

2. Discounts 

Are you about to buy tokens? Did you know that you can get a discount when you make your next purchase? There are significant savings to be made on future purchases for this online currency. And the reductions on packages start from 10% and go up to 25%, which results in free tokens. 

Many popular webcam platforms offer this kind of deal to incentivize customers to purchase more at once. And stripchat’s percentage discount on tokens is enormous, which results in the original amount being reduced or saving money in the long run.

For example, the price per token for a package of 200 tokens is USD 0.10. And when you buy a package of 520 tokens, the cost per token is USD 0.096.

Here are some examples of discounts for packages offered right now:

Package Dollar Price Per Token Price
200 tokens $19.99 0.10
520 tokens $49.99 0.0961
1085 tokens $99.99 0.0926
2255 tokens $199.99 0.0887
5770 tokens $499.99 0.0867
11720 tokens $999.99 0.0853

3. Catch promotions and contests

The brand has many promotions and contests that are running across the web. You can follow Stripchat on popular social media platforms. These resources give you the latest information and news on the brand. Also, when they are about to release a promotional offer or contest, you can be the first to know about it.

Although it may seem common sense to follow a brand’s social media, you might need a good reason. Therefore Stripchat makes it worthwhile with its exclusive announcements on these news outlets.

There are always fun contests run on their social media. For instance, their independence day offer saw the chance to win 25,000 tokens. You can imagine how good that would feel to win that prize. But this platform has similar deals running all the time so stay tuned.

Does the idea of getting paid for your time sound like a sweet deal? Well, Stripchat currently runs Reddit competitions. And you can earn tokens by sharing your favorite performer with the one receiving the highest upvote winning. As a result, you could take home $100 in tokens. 

stripchat reddit contests
4. What new

The easiest way to get tokens free on Stripchat is through the “What’s New” area. You can find this when you click the bell icon. In exchange, it will show you notifications on new offers and how you can claim them.

Since this is an official source of announcements, you can guarantee that the special deals will work. For example, they offered 100 tokens for free for black Friday when you purchase the promo packages. And limited-time deals get announced here, so keep your eyes peeled.


stripchat 100 free tokens

By now, it should be evident that you can get free tokens on Stripchat. Sometimes it’s as simple as just doing your research beforehand. You need to know where to look and understand what is currently available. Also, if you’re looking to get free tokens at Stripchat, this guide should give you a better idea of where to find them. 

Free tokens on Stripchat are also why you should consider this leading brand in the live cam industry. However, if you want to make sure you never miss out, there are a few ways you can do so. First, register for a free account; next is making sure you follow them on Twitter and Reddit. 

Finally, you can use tokens to tip models or pay for premium services. And even if you are new to live cams, free tokens will help you get the hang of it in no time. You don’t have to try all methods at once. But this guide will provide you with great ways to benefit while using this website.