How To Get Free Credits On Xlovecam

You came to the right place if you wondered how to get free credits on Xlovecam. As one of the popular cam sites, it has some stunning performers available. And those with credits can get access to some exciting features to explore. The paid services on the platform require users to add credits to their accounts to make purchases. 

how to get free credits on xlovecam
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Whether you’re searching for free credits or want to find the latest deals, you’ll get them here. The article covers the exact methods for getting the most out of the platform. We cover all the current opportunities available to get free benefits. Furthermore, there are many ways to improve your account, often hidden in plain sight. So we go over a few ways to get free credits on xlovecam or unlock special offers.

Free Credits On Xlovecam

There are ways to get free credits on Xlovecam or valuable content. For instance, the current giveaways include the VIP video, discounts, and special events, all worth money. Credits are the currency on Xlovecam and are used to buy services on the platform. No one can deny that getting free things without a financial commitment is a great deal. So, here are the different ways you can get them and improve your account.  

Topless Monday

Topless Mondays are free events on Xlovecam that happens each week. Models invite you to join their topless parties online. And you have lots of options on the platform, with thousands of performers registering to give viewers an eyeful.

Every Monday, a recurring event takes place, and viewers are free to attend this spectacle. And the 24-hour non-stop event is entirely free, which means all users can view the model’s assets without paying. Unlike other webcam platforms, you usually have to spend credits on model tip menus to see this display level.  

While this is not exactly a method of getting free credits on Xlovecam, it provides excellent viewing pleasure. And it allows you to view all models without spending money tipping them to remove layers. Of course, it requires having a verified account if you want to send messages to online hosts. 

xlovecam free credits

Free VIP Video 

All new Xlovecam members can get a free VIP video worth credits. A pop-up window will appear, offering you to sign up in exchange for this content. This offer is valid only for new users that register for an account. 

For example, as the name suggests, VIP videos are available only for individuals who have signed up for exclusive access. Performers charge a monthly subscription to view all the excellent content for an amount in credits that get deducted from your e-wallet. However, when you sign up and register a new email account, you can choose one video completely free. 

To access the VIP video, you will need to click on the link within the email once you create an account. Then once confirmation is complete, you can choose a performer’s video of your choice. And when you want to watch the video on repeat, it’s stored in the media section.

xlovecam free vip video worth credits
Cheap Private Shows

Another great way to get discounts on Xlovecam is filtering private shows by price. One-on-one communication allows you to speak directly with a person camming. Click the “rates” button on the left menu bar on the homepage and select “Less than $1.00 rooms”.

As a result, this will sort the platform to display only models that cost less than $1 per minute. And using this filter, you can sort the private shows by the ones that cost the lowest. Of course, free credits don’t get included, but you can reduce your costs this way.

In addition, this feature to filter allows you to browse through low-cost private chat shows or 100% Xclusive show modes without paying their high fee per minute. Some private shows will enable you to block any silent witnesses and have the model all to yourself. Many performers use HD cameras, so you will not sacrifice performance or quality.

VIP Members Club

You can join the VIP members club for fans of specific webcam models on Xlovecam. Then you can access exclusive videos that get reserved for subscribers only. The content is of excellent value, and new material gets added regularly to make your membership worthwhile.

In-demand models can create a VIP club that only their dedicated fans can access. If you see a model you like, it’s worth checking if they have a VIP club. You can do this by clicking the “Information” button from the top tabs in chat rooms to see if any VIP clubs are available. 

While this doesn’t give you free credits or discounts on the model’s private chats, becoming a VIP club member gives you unlimited access to the host’s photos and videos. Then, on the other hand, you would otherwise have to pay credits for this content. Sometimes, the models also host special performances and offer exclusive content for their VIP members. 

xlovecam vip member credits

SneakPeek is another one in the line of Xlovecam’s unique features. It’s not exactly a way to get free credits on Xlovecam, but it gives you a method of viewing premium content without spending a higher amount.

Through this promotion, you can peak into private shows. SneakPeek allows you to enter an already started private show and view the model performing for 20 seconds. The cost of these 20 seconds is usually 50% discounted and doesn’t allow you to interact with the model, only view it.

Two conditions are required to get access to this offer. You have to have an account, and two, the model must have enabled this feature. If the attribute is not enabled, you won’t be able to get a sneak peek. 


It is free to sign up and create an account on Xlovecam that lets you chat with performers on the webcams. Then create a username to build your online profile to meet hosts and join the growing community. However, the website is the safest source for any free credits or exclusive deals. 

Finally, as you may have noticed, getting free credits on Xlovecam isn’t offered directly. But you have plenty of promotions, discounts, and offers worth this digital currency. Therefore feel free to choose a promotion and enjoy saving money on your live cam shows.