How To Become A Model On Stripchat

Stripchat is inarguably one of the most successful camming platforms on the internet and perhaps a site you should be considering become a Stripchat Model for. Barely a decade into the live adult video streaming scene, the Stripchat now attracts at least 200 million monthly viewers, if the statistics on their homepage are anything to go by. The site offers unparalleled erotic live streaming to its visitors and subsequently different ways models can monetize their live acts, old shows, raunchy galleries, sexting services, and merchandise, among others.

how to become a model on stripchat
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Stripchat is an intuitive cam site that is pretty straightforward, and as such, easy to navigate for both models and fans. The site comes with handy features that help you hop from the homepage to the exact live show you came looking for. And with competitive earning rates and certain perks available to newbies, this is exactly the platform you’d want to launch their webcamming career.

For instance, they run a 2-week traffic boost program for new models and have a terrific recommendation system that ensures the right traffic finds your profiles. With the majority of Stripchat’s traffic being from the U.S. and Europe, you’re sure to land paying customers sooner than most sites. These among other benefits make Stripchat the most preferred cam site for most models.

Become A Model On Stripchat

You’ve got a ton of reasons to consider signing up with Stripchat. For starters, if your motivation is purely sexual expression, what better site to join than one crawling with over 200 million visitors every month. That’s more attention than you probably need, and you can showcase your acts freely in a secure environment and cash in while at it. Also if you’re looking to just make money, then this is exactly the right platform for you.

The signing-up process is simple and if you provide everything that is asked of you, chances are you’ll be verified in at least 48 hours. The site accepts models from across the globe and promotes them equally and if your performances and masturbation-worthy you’ll soon be making insane weekly withdrawals.

Stripchat model account

How Much Do Models On Stripchat Make?

First off, let’s demystify the false narrative that webcamming is a get-rich-quick scheme. Nothing can be further from the truth. Cam models work as hard as the next person for every dollar that lands their wallets. Although Stripchat does the heavy lifting in terms of advertisement, you’ll need to do some work as well to get your work out there considering you’ll be competing for attention with thousands of other users available for live sessions every single time.  

Becoming a Stripchat model guide

So how much exactly will you be making? Well, honestly there’s no exact answer for that since we don’t know your rates for personal shows, and the people you’ll attract. However, according to the site, if a customer buys tokens worth $199.99 to gift you, 20% of that amount which is equivalent to $40 is invested in advertisement. $28 goes for processing e and taxes, leaving a balance of $132. You take home 89% of the net balance, $118, and the site retain a commission for the remaining 11%, $14. Now what you take daily and weekly thereafter depends on how much income you can draw.

There are at least nine ways you can monetize your content on Stripchat. The most popular and main way to make money on Stripchat is throwing live stream shows to the general public. These are technically free shows and viewers aren’t obligated to pay for them but through your erotic performances, you could charm your way into their wallets through tips and gifts. Over time if you if you create a loyal following, you could start charging for private and exclusive private shows. Create a rate card and treat your big spenders to steamy personalized shows where they get to direct the action. You can also earn from selling your recorded shows, mass sex messaging, pay-to-send nudes, and through referrals.

How To Become A Stripchat Model

There’s a simple 5-step process for becoming a Stripchat model:

  1. Sign Up.

    The process of signing up on Stripchat is as easy as providing your preferred username and email address for official communication with the admins.

  2. Provide proof of age/identification

    All Stripchat models are contractually obligated to be above 18 years old. Proof of age is done by uploading a government-issued document like a Passport or a national Identity Card.

  3. Verify your account

    This is almost the last step that requires you to upload your verification documents to ascertain that you’re who you say you are and prevent identity theft.

  4. Fill out your profile

    Provide your personal information from your body description to your likes and dislikes. Be as detailed as you can since this information will be available to your prospective viewers.

  5. Start earning

    Once your verification goes through you can begin streaming your first show and make money off it.

Cam Show Types

There’re at 3 cam shows available to models on Stripchat:

Public Shows

Public shows as the name suggests are available to all the viewers on the platform. They are free shows and the only way you can make money is through tips and gifts from your generous fans making requests and perhaps appreciating your work. You can’t make a killing from public shows unless you attract a massive following which would increase your chances of getting tipped. Public shows are a great way of creating a loyal fan base.

Private Shows

Private shows are also exactly what the name suggests. They’re exclusive personalized shows for paying clients who want to spend quality time with you without a crowd. They make personal requests and may ask you to indulge their fantasies and fetishes. If you can score many of these then you’re likely to end each day with a lot of money.

Cam2Cam Shows

These are shows where users also enable their webcams and interact with you on camera. They’re typical private shows only a bit more interactive. Cam2Cam shows attracts viewers who want to be more hands-on and direct the events of the show.


Becoming a model on Stripchat is pretty straightforward and takes only minutes if you have everything required. Verification may take up to 48 hours and you can begin streaming your first show. With millions of daily viewers, play your cards right and you could be the biggest star on the platform. Note that anything you can’t find in this article would be adequately illustrated in Stripchat’s FAQ section.

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