Does Stripchat save videos of privates?

So, does Stripchat save videos of privates? If you’re here to gain an answer to this question, then you’ve come to the right page! Stripchat is infamous all over the globe for its interactive features, countless streaming niches, and range of amateur and professional models to choose from.

does stripchat save videos of privates
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And because of these features, Stripchat has become popular with a variety of audiences – audiences with particular tastes and demands, including the want to save videos. Read on to explore what Stripchat offers regarding this specific aspect of streaming.

Does Stripchat save videos of privates?

stripchat save videos of privates

Aside from enjoying previous content, recording private shows to sell can also be a great way of making some cash on the side. As a global platform, Stripchat was sent many requests from both performers and members to be given the ability to record and save private shows. Individuals on Stripchat can now add their recordings to their public or paid albums, depending on personal preferences.

Stripchat’s models have been given the choice to enable private show recordings. If the performer decides to record their show, members who experienced the private show will also be given the opportunity to record the steamy content. By recording, individuals can store the video away for safekeeping in their personal Stripchat gallery! Therefore, this eliminates the problem of losing private show memories as soon as they terminate. With this feature, past content can now be saved and treasured for users to look back on and enjoy in their own time.

How to record your private shows

stripchat saves videos

Find the Record Show section in the My Show Controls section on the broadcasting page. This provides a switch you can turn on and off to record and stop recording private and exclusive private shows. Following private shows, the platform will ask if you want to save the video recording. To keep the content, press the Save button, and you will be able to find the content in your video collection. The video will be described as unpublished, meaning it isn’t accessible to other users unless to decide to publish it. You can set the content as ‘Free for all’ if you wish to share it with others and ‘Only for friends’ or ‘Paid’ if you are a registered user.

Find out more about private and exclusive shows here: stripchat private and exclusive.


So, there you have it. Hopefully, you found the information you were searching for regarding your ability to save private show videos on Stripchat. Stripchat is a secure and legitimate platform that strives to offer steamy and entertaining content for all visitors worldwide. Within this offering, the platform also hopes to add a few extra features, such as video saving, which makes the experience even more attractive.

If you’re looking to sweeten your deal in terms of sex webcam experiences, Stripchat can help you enjoy your privatetime by enabling you to view your content over and over again. So, to answer the question of whether Stripchat saves videos of privates, the answer is yes!