Difference Between Stripchat Private and Exclusive

difference between stripchat private and exclusive
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Stripchat Private Show vs Exclusive Show – the biggest differences

If you’re here to discover the Stripchat private show and exclusive show differences, you’re in the right place! Whilst both services on this global webcam platform offer similar attributes, such as providing comparable prices and the opportunity to watch a model perform one-on-one in a steamy experience, there is a fundamental difference.

Exclusive private shows have everything private shows have, but they come with additional features and don’t permit other users to spy on the show. For example, exclusive shows offer Cam2Cam experiences.

Private Show

stripchat private and exclusive

Private shows are popular because they allow users to converse with a performer one-on-one and request actions from the Private menu. Despite its intimate feel, other Stripchat users may watch the private show. This can occur if the performer has enabled the spying option. While this is the case, only the user who kicked off the Private can interact with the performer – all the other users are restricted to watching only.

The performer or user can stop this type of show during the show, or it will terminate when the user’s tokens have been used up. If the performer has the recording option enabled, the user can record and save private shows to rewatch and enjoy the material at a later date. The user will additionally be given the opportunity to tip their performer and leave some feedback if they want to.

Exclusive Show

stripchat private vs exclusive

If you like private shows, you’ll love exclusive private shows. This type of show offers all the benefits in private shows but gives users an extra few add-ons. For example, its Cam2Cam option allows the performer to view and hear the user if their camera and mic are working. It also enables an individual to enjoy their show without any other users spying on them.

Like private shows, exclusive shows are terminated when the user runs out of tokens or if the user or model stops the show before this happens. They can also be recorded if the model has activated the recording settings. All users have to do is press ‘Save’ when asked if they would like the show to be saved to their collection. Users can also leave a bit of feedback and reward the model with a tip if they particularly loved what they experienced.

Stripchat Private vs Exclusive Show: Verdict

So, what’s the final verdict of private and exclusive shows on Stripchat? These types of shows provide users around the world with similar features, although exclusive shows do offer additional attributes which make them even more appealing.

Whatever kind of intimate experience you are looking for, Stripchat can undoubtedly offer you a range of opportunities to enjoy something particularly sensual and steamy with its show types. Now that you are aware of Stripchat’s private show and exclusive show differences, it’s time to explore the right option for you!

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