How to Make a Knight Stripchat

If you want to discover how to make a knight on Stripchat, you’ve come to the right place! Stripchat is known worldwide as a steamy webcam streaming site that goes above and beyond to satisfy visitors’ desires. It enables viewers to enjoy amateur and professional streams, browse countless profiles, and even use thrilling interactive features one-on-one with an attractive model.

how to make a knight stripchat
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From countless categories to Cam2Cams, Stripchat has it all – and it even has a feature which centres around being a knight. Read on to discover what this is all about!

How to make a knight Stripchat

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If you know what knights on Stripchat are, you’ll know how important it is for performers to choose these guardians of protection very wisely. To select their knights in their chat room, models must drag their mouse across the username of the Ultimate member they want to knight. A shield icon can be seen next to the username on the user card, which will pop up when the mouse hovers over the name. Models will click on the shield icon to knight the user, making them appear in the performer’s knight section in their profile.

What are knights on Stripchat?

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Models on Stripchat come across a variety of viewers – including both occasional, casual visitors and their staunchly loyal viewers. Loyal users who have subscribed to ultimate membership can assist models in moderating their room to ensure it stays friendly and free from offence. For this to happen, models need to designate these loyal users as their ‘knights’.

The name is self-explanatory, with knights operating to nobly protect models and working against those who cause trouble. This gives knights the power to mute any user, no matter what level or league they are in if they are causing offence in the model’s chat room. The mute feature stays intact for 24 hours.

As you can see, being a knight offers chosen Ultimate members a significant level of responsibility and a superior position. Indeed, performers place a certain amount of trust in knights, strengthening their bond and making the knight feel more valued.

How to become a knight on Stripchat

After becoming aware of how special you can feel as a knight, you may be interested in knowing how to become one. Since models only select users they think they can trust, you will need to show a great deal of respect in the chat room and demonstrate that you can communicate effectively. After all, the performer will be looking out for someone they believe can help them make stronger fans and allies.


So, there you have it! Hopefully, you’ve found the information you wanted to find. Being a knight on Stripchat is a very high responsibility, but if you are looking to become one, you can reap a whole host of rewards for both yourself and the model you are loyal to!