How To Get Free Credits On Flirt4Free

Flirt4Free is undoubted a leader in the live cam world. Hundreds of models log in to perform live each day, and even more, users log in to enjoy their performance. And it’s only logical that users and potential customers want to give the website a test and see what it can do for their kinks and desires. Luckily, there are multiple ways in which you can get free Flirt4Free credits and use them on the website’s premium features. 

how to get free credits on flirt4free
Get 120 Free Credits

From signing up with only an email to subscribing to a paid plan, there is rarely a method in which Flirt4Free doesn’t reward its users with freebies. With that in mind, let’s see some of the best ways how to get free credits on Flirt4Free. 

1. 120 Free Credits

If you’re a new user, you can get 120 free credits on Flirt4Free. It is an offer that is continuously available on the website. Therefore whenever you open it, you can claim it by clicking on the “120 Free Credits!” button.

To be eligible for this offer, you must be a new user who has never purchased credits. Once you create a free account, register an email, and add a valid credit card, you can get 120 free credits.

You can use the credits to interact with models and view exclusive content. And is a convenient way to experience the website and get an idea of what the paid membership plans offer. However, this one-time reward is available once to claim this offer.

flirt4free free credits

2. VIP Membership

Another way of getting free credits on Flirt4Free is by signing up for a VIP membership. Aside from gaining access to enhanced private messaging, free premium videos, exclusive shows, promos, and video purchase discounts. You can also get a set number of recurring credits.

It means that whenever you purchase a monthly VIP membership, you will get 150 monthly recurring credits for as long as the VIP membership lasts. 

While it’s not a completely free method of getting Flirt4Free credits, the benefits include monthly amounts. You can use them to view exclusive shows, spend them on tips, or view different types of premium content on the website. 

flirt4free 150 free credits

3. Show Offers

If you like a bargain, show offers are the best way to get free credits on Flirt4Free for you. Through this method, you and the model can negotiate and agree on the cost of a paid show. Not all models have this option included in their offer. If they allow show offers, you will see a button on the interface that says “Make an Offer” whenever you are in their room. 

Once you click on “Make an Offer,” you will be prompted to a form where you need to enter your proposal on how long the show will last, how much it will cost, and how long the offer is valid. When you submit your bid, the model can accept, deny it, or make a counter offer to which you would have to respond. It allows you to take advantage of periods with lower activity when the models would be willing to settle for a lower rate than usual. 

If you’re wondering why performers want to settle for a lower rate, the answer is simple. It allows models to promote their shows to potential customers while guaranteeing they will spend a fixed amount of time on their paid shows. While the specific time a customer will remain on a show is unknown, they often state it ahead of time. Therefore the performer is guaranteed to make a particular amount of money from the show. 

flirt4free show offers
4. Performer Deals

Some performers have periodical deals they include on their shows. These offers are valid for a specific period, after which you can no longer claim them. 

The most common offer through this method is getting free minutes after spending a specific amount of time in a performer’s room. For instance, the model requires you to spend 20 minutes on their show, after which you will get awarded five free minutes. Some offers are as low as 3 minutes on a show to get two free minutes. As a result, you get almost 50% of the show’s value for free. 

The best way to use this offer is when you have already used the website and have a favorite model or several models whose shows you regularly attend. Once you spend a specific time with them, you get the free minutes, which equals free credits.

flirt4free free minutes
5. Flirt Rewards

The Flirt Rewards Marketplace is where you can find all free credit offers that are currently active on the website. These are mainly in the form of promo codes, virtual gifts, daily VODs, screen names, and performer boosts. You can redeem your points to get any of the following:

  • Unlock promo codes. These one-time use codes come with big bonuses on your next purchase. They are available monthly, in limited supply, and expire 48 hours after being unlocked. And cannot be combined with other offers, promotions, sales, codes, or discounts. 
  • Buy virtual gifts for models. You can redeem your points to get a gift for a model. Choose the gift, add the name you want to be displayed, and enter a personal message before sending it to your favorite model.
  • 24-hour access to VODs. Previously, VODs were only available to VIP members, but now, you can use points to unlock the website’s daily selection of premium cam videos. 
  • Choose a screen name. Using points, you can purchase the option to create alternate screen names, custom avatars, and more. 
flirt4free free credit offers

Flirt4Free knows what customers want, and they give users so many options for experiencing the website’s complete set of features. While they may not be the biggest live cam show providers, it comes with different show types, high-quality videos, and a wide range of show prices. In addition, reliable security and customer support rank Flirt4Free as one of the best adult websites.

And one of the best things about it is that you don’t even have to take anyone’s word for it. There are many promotions, offers, and ways to get free credits on Flirt4Free. Thus you can view exclusive performances and premium content within minutes of signing up. So, check it out yourself and see what the hype is all about.