Camsoda vs MyFreeCams – Which Is Better?

We’re going to compare Camsoda vs MyFreeCams in this article – giving you a rundown of the pros and cons of each and leaving you with a definitive answer on which of the two is better. We already have a clear winner, but let’s walk you through why this is the case before we reveal whether Camsoda or MyFreeCams is the grand slam champion.

camsoda vs myfreecams

We would be remiss to leave out the fact that both of these sites have a lot in common and that each one of them has its benefits. Camsoda and MyFreeCams will allow you to watch various cam model performances, and signing up is free. However, there are apparent differences in each site’s packages, pricing, and payment options, which you’ll discover as you read. 

Camsoda vs MyFreeCams

Before we dive into each site’s basics, let’s look at how these competitors size up alongside one another. 

Camsoda MyFreeCams
Overall Rating 5.0 4.8
No. of Models +3,000 models live +1,500 models live
Free Account Yes Yes
Sign-up Bonus 200 tokens 10 tokens
Pricing Benchmark From ($5.99) From ($19.99)
English  Yes Yes
Free Shows Yes Yes
Private Shows Yes Yes
Mobile Cams Yes Yes
Cam2Cam Yes Yes
Interactive Toys Yes Yes
Virtual Reality Yes No

Overall, MyFreeCams is similar in features, but the number of live quality models to interact with has us leaning in favor of Camsoda. 

Camsoda Basics

Launched in 2014, Camsoda is the newer site on the block. However, this is part of what makes it such a great option. Camsoda solved many pitfalls with older sites such as MyFreeCams.

camsoda and myfreecams

In the world of online webcams, some sites make you feel overwhelmed. Camsoda falls into the latter category. These models know what they’re doing, and the interaction is seamless. From the moment you navigate to the site, you’ll have the opportunity to see a variety of live performances that you can pick from, and you won’t be left feeling as though you’ve come to the wrong place. 

You’ll get access to aspiring models and some of the best-known names in the live cam industry. Ultimately, it makes for a quality experience. 

What we like:

  • Free tokens on sign-up.
  • Well-known adult stars.
  • High-quality shows.
  • Easy to use.
  • Virtual Reality.

MyFreeCams Basics

MyFreeCams was launched in 2004 and boasted thousands of models under the brand. The only problem with this is that some don’t take their roles seriously. So, while there may be loads of American models on the site, in theory, regarding the quality of shows and the number of actual live models, Camsoda takes the win. It isn’t to say that you won’t have a worthwhile experience on MyFreeCams. It just means you won’t have the same experience compared to Camsoda. 

myfreecams and camsoda

With that in mind, no pop-ups at inopportune moments, no ads, and no time restrictions make MyFreeCams an attractive option for those not wanting to be interrupted mid-chat or mid-show. 

The site is easy to navigate as soon as you log in, giving you heaps of great features and access to your preferred models and private messages in the righthand feature panel. 

What we like:

  • No registration is required to start watching.
  • Variety of models.
  • High-quality adult chat.
Camsoda vs MyFreeCams Differences 

While Camsoda and MyFreeCams have incredible similarities, a few key differences set them apart. For instance, MyFreeCams has a more social element, allowing you to create your profile and webpage with a wall where friends can write to you and check out your photos. Camsoda, on the other hand, takes a more personal approach, allowing you to be virtually invisible except to the models you choose to interact with. We don’t know how you feel about all that, but in our book, Camsoda seems to have the right idea here. 

Camsoda also has much more variety in terms of model type. Whether you’re hoping to view solo shows or couple shows, Camsoda has it all. There is also no discrimination against any kink. It doesn’t matter what you’re into or hoping to watch – Camsoda has something for everyone. Moreover, their homepage thumbnails are HD quality, so you can get a good feel for what you’ll be exploring before you click on a chat. The one area that we can give MyFreeCams a big thumbs up on is their video tagging and categorizing. While Camsoda’s variety is impressive, they could do some cleaning up in the tagging department.

Packages and Pricing

Camsoda and MyFreeCams have pros and cons in terms of their packaging and pricing. However, Camsoda has more flexible packages that suit a variety of budgets. With that in mind, the fact that you can watch free shows without registering on MyFreeCams is a massive bonus for that particular site. Let’s look into their packaging options alongside one another. 

Camsoda MyFreeCams
50 tokens ($5.99) 200 tokens ($19.99)
100 tokens ($10.99) 500 tokens ($49.99)
400 tokens ($39.99) 900 tokens ($79.99)
550 tokens ($49.99) 1875 tokens ($149.99)
Payment Options

Here we begin to see which one of these sites is a clear winner. While MyFreeCams allows you to use a regular bank card or gift card to purchase tokens and bank wire transfers, Camsoda has much more to offer in terms of payment options. You can use a bank card, gift card, wire transfer, cheque, and – wait for it – PayPal! 

Both sites use secure, third-party billing portals, but when it comes to getting value for money, Camsoda wins. If you opt to use their wire transfer option, for example, you’ll be able to purchase token packages for as little as ($0.08) per token, whereas MyFreeCams best value comes in at roughly ($0.10) per token. 

Finally, there is also the crypto option on Camsoda for those who want to purchase cryptocurrency tokens. 

Camsoda vs MyFreeCams – which one wins?

Camsoda vs MyFreeCams is the question of the hour, so let’s decide which one wins. As you’ve probably gathered by now, MyFreeCams offers a vast selection of models. However, their online figures throughout the day tell a different story. More importantly, most models are American, and there isn’t as much variety in age and gender – amongst many other things – as there is with Camsoda.

Camsoda is a bit more future-forward, providing many modern payment options, more excellent value for money, and a variety of models to satisfy all kinks and preferences. We also feel that Camsoda is a more user-friendly site that keeps customer privacy at the forefront of its agenda. 

All of that aside, both of these sites have excellent customer service and quality cams, so if you still feel like you want to give MyFreeCams a try, go for it! However, Camsoda remains the better value service regarding tokens and the number of models.