How to Save Money on Camsoda

Loyal fans of Camsoda are always looking for ways to get more bang for their buck on the platform. Camsoda gives you access to an endless pool of adult webcams, and a live sexual adventure is always around the corner. 


save money on camsoda
50 Free Tokens

More tokens mean more opportunities to indulge your camming fantasies. You can place tipped requests, preview more live chat rooms, and book your favorite model for a private show. 

Are you looking to bag more tokens for a steal? This guide will show you how to save money on Camsoda.

Complete Your Profile

Once you complete the account verification process, you’ll have an extra 100 tokens at your disposal. 

The verification process takes just a couple of minutes. Open the payment page on your member area and select the ‘Verify yourself to raise your daily limit’ option. You’ll need to submit a copy of your driver’s license and a scan of your credit card with all but the last four digits hidden. 

If you’d like to see more explicit content, you’ll eventually need to verify your identity. So you can do it sooner and make do with the free tokens. 

Get a VIP Plan

Camsoda’s VIP plan gives you 200 free tokens for the first month of your membership. It would cost a lot more to buy 200 tokens sans a VIP membership. You’ll save about $0.02 per token on the standard token cost with your VIP membership – not much, but one of many membership perks you’ll enjoy. The VIP membership gives you access to more interactive features to make your experience even more stimulating and immersive. 

And you can cancel your membership at any time and still keep the 200 tokens. It’s a good bargain, whichever way you look at it. 

save money at camsoda

Refer a Friend

Got some friends who’re confidants for women matters? Refer them to the site and earn awesome rewards every time they purchase tokens. You can refer as many people as possible. You can make it rain tokens on your member area by regularly having many referrals buy tokens. 

You can get as much as 100 free tokens on average with every referral’s purchase. A handful of referrals can earn you thousands of free tokens. 

Grab your referral link from your member area and share it with your friends.

However, you might have to wait a while after they purchase your free tokens to show up. 

Always Play it Cool.

Camsoda loves it when you treat ladies nicely. Make them happy, and you could win boatloads of free tokens. Every week, users with the most likes from cam models receive 1000 tokens on the house. 

You need to take it friendly and easy on the models. An easy-going fun-filled chat almost always gets you alike. You can get more by giving lots of tips and gifts or doing the models some favor. 

It might not sound like the most surefire way to get more tokens – there’s no guarantee that you’ll top the leaderboard any week. But being nice doesn’t take anything away from you. Plus, the models would want to return the favor, elevating your user experience.

Explore Cheap Cam Rooms

You can often find bottom-rate shows from new models trying to find their footing on the platform or older members offering discounted shows. You can find cam rooms for as low as six tokens (roughly $0.60) a minute. Many shows are available for 12 tokens ($1.20) per minute or 18 tokens ($1.8) per minute.

Note here that cheap doesn’t mean you’ll have to settle for less. Cheap cam rooms can deliver as much excitement as the more expensive ones. You can find passionate, adorable models whipping up exciting shows at a low-end price to avoid boredom or low sales.

However, it would help to search through the rooms manually as the site doesn’t have a price filter feature. But every time you find one, you can save them for the future. After a few rounds of searches, you can fill your favorite list with mostly cheap but delightful cam rooms.

It will allow you to enjoy a fantastic experience on the platform on a tight budget.

save money on camsoda private shows
Replay Recorded Shows

Models offer prerecorded videos in their private shows. They can post as many recordings as they want. The prerecorded shows are often less expensive than live sessions, and you can watch them repeatedly, anytime, anywhere. It will help stretch your bucks, giving you more stimulating screentime than live sessions. Each model will have an extensive collection of recordings to view your favorite clips multiple times, or you can see many different clips of the same model.

Alternatively, you can pay for a live session once and then watch the recording as many times as you want. To get a feel of that live experience again, you can book a live session once in a while but watch recordings every other time. 

Book Private Shows

Depending on their preferences, most models charge different rates for cam room and private shows. You’ll find models who prefer private shows, thus charging less for it. Private shows are more convenient for them because they’ll be put on notice well ahead of time. And hopping on the platform to wait for a client to hit them up for an instant chat, they’ll know precisely when a chat is going down and for how long.


In conclusion make the most of your time on CamSoda with these cost-saving tips. You could be sitting on 1000s of free tokens every month.

Verifying your ID and upgrading to a VIP membership can get you hundreds of free tokens. Refer a few friends who buy tokens regularly, and you’ll have hundreds more. Be nice to the ladies, and you could bump to the top of the weekly likes leaderboard for 1000 more free tokens. Check for cheap rooms, and use these tips as much as possible in place of expensive options.