How To Cam2Cam On Stripchat

“How does Stripchat Cam2Cam work?” If you, like many others, have asked this question and would like a practical guide to Stripchat C2C, then you’re in luck. We’ll provide you with the precise steps on how to Cam2Cam on Stripchat.

how to cam2cam on stripchat
Get 50 Tokens

Ultimately, Stripchat offers the most seamless user interface. Therefore you can use their Cam2Cam function with just the click of a single icon. The feature allows you to meet performers face to face on a webcam without downloading any software. It works like any video conferencing technology you might have used daily, and just this meeting is more enjoyable.

Stripchat has over 5,000 models with the Cam2Cam feature enabled, with a growing number of new performers added daily. Despite this, the cost for this option is reasonable so let us jump straight into the finer details. 

How to Cam2Cam on Stripchat 

To get started with Stripchat C2C, you will have to buy tokens first, but we’ll get to the pricing details in just a minute. Once you’ve purchased your tokens, you can browse their site for a webcam model with which you’d like to C2C. When you’ve found a performer that piques your interest, click on the “Start Private” button and select “Cam2Cam” under show type. Once you do this, you’ll get a popup asking you to grant access or permissions to the browser so it can use your webcam. 

The great thing about Stripchat is that you have the power to choose your show type and duration based on your token balance or budget. So, you won’t be breaking the bank or blowing your budget if you’re up for a standard Private Show or a full-on Private Cam2Cam experience. 

How to use Stripchat Cam2Cam on your computer  

One thing to be aware of is the Stripchat cookie policy. If you’ve logged in via a linked browser, you only need to grant the browser permission to use your camera and microphone once. After that, Stripchat will retain this permission for future browsing. Therefore this feature won’t be available to you if you’re browsing via an “incognito” window, and this is because incognito windows do not allow browsers to save your data. 

stripchat cam2cam

The long and short of it is that if you’re accessing the site, browsing, and chatting incognito, you will have to grant the site permission to use your microphone and camera every time you select Cam2Cam. So consider this when you enter one of these sessions, as you will lose a small amount of time. Therefore we recommend using the standard browser that remembers your details.

To use Stripchat Cam2Cam on your computer, you have two options. First, you can send the model in the chat room a message to see if they have this preference enabled. The second is using the side menu filter that gives you all the available models performing this type of show. You can join a video call from just 8tk for Cam2Cam or choose different ones.

How to use Stripchat Cam2Cam on your Mobile

If you’re using Stripchat Cam2Cam on your mobile phone, you must log into your account via your phone’s browser. Stripchat is optimized for mobile users as many visitors tend to use the platform using this preferred means of communication. Using your iPhone or Android device, you can have the entire experience and take it anywhere.

stripchat cam2cam mobile

Stripchat works across all operating systems on mobile devices. You don’t have to worry about your cam shows not being accessible as it’s a mobile-friendly website. The experience, in some opinions, is enhanced as you can watch live entertainment full screen. Also, you can benefit from your mobile’s new technology, such as the latest retina display, so your model looks extra sharp on cam.

You’ll still be able to use interactive toys such as Lovense and Kiiroo. For those of you who are unfamiliar with these virtual interactive toys, Lovense is a unique vibrator that reacts to tips. To get the vibrator to work, tap on tips and select the vibrator option. Kiiroo, on the other hand, will allow you to have virtual experiences with your webcam model. You’ll need to pay for a private show with your host of choice and pair your Kiiroo devices to do this. And you can do this on Stripchat C2C mobile and desktop computers through BlueTooth. 

Stripchat Cam2Cam Price Per Minute 

You can browse Stripchat with a free account, but you won’t get much attention from models if you don’t purchase tokens. You’ll typically get classified into three categories: Grey user, Green user, and – our personal favorite – Gold user. Gold memberships, although a bit pricier, allow unlimited chats with models, and you get to sneak into chat rooms without being seen. This ability to become the proverbial fly on the wall is excellent for anyone wanting to be more voyeuristic.

cam2cam on stripchat

You can buy tokens in various packages that range from 90 tokens for $9.99 to 520 tokens for $49.99. The entry shows will cost $0.88 – or about eight tokens – per minute, but this can go up to $9.99 – or 90 tokens – per minute. Of course, it depends on the performer you’ve chosen and the type of show.


Ultimately, the versatility of Stripchat is fantastic. It provides users with various cam model features that suit every pocket. Cam2Cam is a reliable way to video chat with a model allowing them to see and hear you. Members have the option to connect their camera along with the microphone to communicate with performers. It gives users the keys to a one-on-one webcam experience for a casual meeting with someone online.  

Users that have purchased tokens can start one of these chat sessions, but the model has to accept the invitation for Cam2Cam to begin. Another reason to use this option on Stripchat is that spies aren’t allowed. Therefore the time you spend with a model stays within the private chat session. But you can still record the show via the website with recordings saved under “My Collection.”

Whether it’s your first time using this feature or you want to find the ins and outs, our guide provides all the details. While the platform is straightforward to use, here, you have the instructions on how to Cam2Cam on Stripchat on mobile or using a computer. Finally, the process is easy to follow, and most devices have built-in cameras.